I've always wanted to know,
 Why you were treated so well.
 Because their double standards,
 Made my life hell.
 Whilst they watched you,
 Like you were made of glass.
 I pushed aside my emotions,
 As my childhood passed.

 We were two
 But always treated as one.
 Now look at me,
 And what I've become.
 No confidence,
 To be on my own.
 I sat in my room,
 Confused and all alone.

 It was clear,
 That we were two.
 But it became evident,
 They only saw you.
 Whilst I had problems,
 And I had fears.
 They went to your aid,
 And left me in tears.

 I will never be,
 Who you are.
 I've always wanted,
 To be their shining star.
 But you're the moon,
 That stole the light.
 And I have learnt,
 To give up the fight.


 It always seems,
 I can never be right.
 I'll never be,
 A pretty sight.
 Behind my mask,
 Behind that smile.
 Lays someone who,
 Hasn't been me for awhile.
 But now I am,
 Trully sick of hiding.
 And in these words,
 Are where I confide in.
 This is me,
 My mask has faded.
 I look in the mirror,
 Yet I am jaded.
 This is me,
 I must realise.
 I need to open my mind,
 And then my eyes.


I saw you everyday,
 And never shared.
 The fact I knew you,
 The fact that I cared.
 The accident happened,
 Like a blinding light.
 So young to die,
 It just doesn't feel right.

 Come back to me,
 I need to say goodbye.
 I can't conceal these tears,
 As I reach for the sky.
 Come back to me,
 So much I want to say.
 I just need to know,
 Why you went away.

 Fears in my head.
 That my sorrows,
 Will never be said.
 I need you to know,
 What you can't see.
 That I care and I want you,
 To come back to me.


You always seemed like a stranger,
 Watching everyone from inside.
 I looked through your window,
 And I know you need to confide.
 I see that withdrawn face and,
 What's happening to your hair.
 I can read you need help,
 By exploring deep in your stare.

 I see you walking around school,
 Watching everyone smile.
 And I saw you drinking water,
 Every once and a while.
 I notice your lack of colour,
 And that distance in your eyes.
 People ask if you're feeling alright,
 And all you tell is lies...

 I can't sit by in silence,
 As I watch you starve your mind.
 But you can't fade away,
 And leave us all behind...
 For you never knew,
 How we watched outside.
 Watching you vanish completely,
 When you needed to confide.

Elmo Butterfly