She comes from a time long ago And a land far away
Where once She was worshipped as Queen
And Mother of all living beings
She has been called by many names
In many cultures worldwide
Her children are many in number
And have been persecuted throughout the ages
But have not ceased to exist
Now She comes to us again
At this historical turning point
The end of one age
And the dawning of another
She it was Who created all things
And Her hidden children hide no more
She comes to make all things new
And put an end to suffering
Her children still worship Her
In forest glade and on moonlit beach
She is Creatress and the Mother of all
She gives life and takes it back to Herself
She guards Her hidden children well
And protects them ferociously
She is the Great Mother Goddess
Her name is Isis
And She has risen anew.

Copyright February 18, 1999 Dr. Walter Mills