Recommended Reading:

''A COLLECTION OF A FEW SHORT STORIES''. A BOOK BY STEPHEN R. DONALDSON - THE LAST IN THE BOOK IS A STORY OF A FAT MAN TELLING A STORY TO THE SONS OF HIS PEERS - VERY INSIGHTFUL! DEALS WITH LIFE AND WORK. HELPED ME TO UNDERSTAND HOPES AND PURPOSES OF MAN. Recommended by Yosaku. ''The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies, & Magic'' by Migene Gonzàles-Wippler. Reference book, containing information on the evolution of Magic, elements, initiation, types talismans, etc. Discusses differences in Prophets, Magicians, Witchcraft, and Demonology. 376 pages. Recommended by Summer Storme ''The 21 Lessons of Merlyn; A Study of Druid Magic & Lore''. by Douglas Monroe. Discusses the founding principles of authentic Druidism. Gives detailed instuction in rituals. It is broken down into stories and lessons that are followed with practical application. 420 pages. Recommended by Summer Storme ''Women Mystícs in Medíeval Europe''. by Emilie Zum Brunn & Georgette Epiney-Burgard. Translated by Sheila hughes. This book gives insight into the Women Mystics of the age. Gives live, works, doctrine, etc. of these women. Wonderful reference. Some photos, drawings, and poems. 233 pages. Recommended by Summer Storme ''Magickal, Mythical, Mystical Beasts; How to invite them into your life''. by D.J Conway. Discusses 200 of the most likely, and most unlikely creatures of the Mythical and/or Magickal realm. Griffins, Water-Folk, Dragons, Faeries, Gargoyles, Centuars, are listed to name just a few. 259 pages. Recommended by Summer Storme

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