Happiness is a Dream,
Created by Hope.
Hope is an Illusion,
Created by the Dreams, of man.

The Illusions of man,
Dream of Hope.
The Dreams of Happiness,
Laugh at the Illusions,
of man.

İ 1997 Shroom777

~~~~ ADVENTURE ~~~~

Your Dreams are made in so many ways,
Some come true in future days.
Take a leap in Life you'll see
It's easy to unlock that key.

In the East with all its' Pleasure,
In the West with all its' Peace,
Out in the Seas or high in Flight
Or up on the snow capped Peaks...

All adventures lie in wait,
As Life and Skills are your Fate...
Go on through the Training of Time,
Forget not reason and commit not crime.

Sensations tell us about being unaware,
Wisdom teaches to Love and Care...
The thrill and risk of the attempt at hand
Gives Freedom or Destiny as you Command.

İ April 30.1986 Magi-Kal