Forgive us-

Forgive us-
      No.  Rather.  Don't.
     Continue to remind us
  that we have sinned against
  the light of our Lord Jesus.
     Call us to account for
  the abominations which our ancestors
     wrought in His Holy Name.
          But still,
       forgive our Lord
     for the Burning Times.
     Do not hold Him guilty       
   for our crimes against you.
      Though it might seem
   He sat in Heaven inactive,
        even indulgent
  as the Blood-born Bride of the Lamb
  became a blood-drunk whore for the Beast.
   Know that every cry, every whimper
    wrung by rack, gallows or flame
  has also been torn from His own heart.
    Know also that He shall require
   the same from those mad disciples
      who so debauched His name,
          who so defiled
       His image in you all.
     Even if, perhaps, some of them
         be eventually saved,
      their scars shall forever
  remind them of their crimes against you
    and of the price paid by our Lord
     so that none need burn forever
    in the Fury of His Rejected Love.
  And know, finally, and most of all,
          that none of you
  shall be permitted to turn from Him,
        to forsake Him solely
     on the basis of their crimes.
     Know surely that each of you
        shall see Him as He is,
         the Relentless Lover
   in Whom both Creator and Creation
        are killed and reborn,
   Who will settle for nothing less
         than to be our Lord
           and to have us
           to be His Lady.

 Copyright Dale (Ted) Cooper Autumn 1997 
Written for Sparrow, offered to
my Wiccan/Pagan friends.