"Blind - T. Hiles Fleet "

Slivers of cold laced in my mind 
Sewn shut upon the light of innocence 
Paradise lost, a lost cause 
A fabric torn and thrown aside 
Loneliness has found its bride 

Voices burrowing into my mind 
With the pitch of death, repeating my name 
Beckoning me home 
The war is lost to me 
I know not the strategy of popularity

Vertigo of confusion, despair 
Whipped around on a macabre carnival ride 
Where ups are few and downs are abundant 
Leading the way to the chill of night Stealing my resolution with a serpent's bite 

Scrambling up the sides of my home 
The honeymoon is over 
I hear the bell toll 
I grasp for threads of gold and come up empty 
The taunts and jeers leaving me filthy 
I wash in the dirtied waters of my life 

Force open my eyes underneath the surface 
Choke on regret and tear open my skin 
Ripping out self-pity that smiles a Cheshire grin Threading love on the needle to repair others' sin 
Piercing lightning blinds my eyes 
Tears away the anchor and leaves me at the mercy of the sea 

Cry a new river, look for an oar 
Begging for a rope tossed 
From the safety of the harbour of the found and lost 
Tenuous threads of salty webs Catch hold of me and bring me in 
Balance my glass body on the edge of 

A ravine of no return while 
Fear pushes at me with its crooked smile 
A new knife gleams and is sharpened 
By one with an old ax to grind 
From a painful time, one that rips out stitches 
From my soul and replaces it with the glow 

Of raw emotion with a cruel blow 
Solace seeker down the wrong trail 
I stumble blindly down the familiar path That angels fear to tread, consecrating the battle 
With my anguished cries 

Unable to discern truth from the lies 
Slashed at all sides, my tears bringing life 
To mongers of pain and wielders of flame 
Hit the ground, pray for cover 

Wondering if the light of day Is a heartbeat or an eternity away 
Broken, fallen, 
I cannot go on with the fight 
That shakes me to the bone, tears my flesh 
Come embrace me, blackness of night 
I'd rather be blind if I cannot feel the light 

 Copyright Angel 1998


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