Wiccan Lessons to be held!!
             The Tenets of Wicca.

             There are, as I have already stated, five of these.
             The first one is a two parter.
             Love and Trust:
             This entails many things. Love takes many forms. 
             There is the love you feel for your family, brothers and sisters. Then 
             there is the love you feel for the Lady and The Lord ere is the love you 
             feel for the Lady and the Lord. Of course we cannot forget that love you 
             feel for a boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse. Along with love comes 
             trust, as you cannot have love without trust or trust without love.

             2. The second tenet is Harmony.
             Harmony involves the following:
             Harmony of oneself with the cosmos or universe
             Harmony of oneself with the Gods
             Harmony of oneself with one's fellow creatures
             oneself with the creatures and nature
             Harmony of oneself with one's fellow man
             Harmony of oneself within oneself.

              3. The third tenet is Humility
              Humility means several things.
              It involves showing the proper respect for the Goddess and God. It also 
             means that we show piety, which is simply giving up of worldly or 
             mundane matters to follow the spiritual path.  Within the Craft we also 
             show humility in that we, the clergy, kneel before the candidate to 
             accept them into our faith, as opposed to other faiths where the 
             candidate kneels before the clergy to be accepted.

             4. The fourth tenet is tolerance
             Tolerance includes the following:
             Tolerance of other people, their large and small quirks
             Tolerance of nature and the elements

             This is pretty much self-explanatory. Learning is a never-ending 

The Witches' Pyramid There are 4 sides to the pyramid, they are listed below along with the aspects or definitions of each one. 1.Imagination: This consists of several aspects and is a very powerful tool for the Wicca. Its aspects are as follows: Daydreaming, perpetual dreaming, nightmares, astral projection, trance, visualization, conceptualization, meditation. 2.Will: This is easy to define, Any of the Wicca must have an iron-clad rock-hard Will. 3.Faith: The Wicca must have faith in the Gods, in each other, in their own abilities and in what they are doing. 4.Secrecy: This is still essential to some degree as our enemies use the media to persecute us in the modern age, but the troubles can be countered by education.

The next lesson will be on the 8 paths of magick. 1. Meditation and concentration: Concentrating on the goal you have in mind for ritual. 2. Chants, songs, spells, invocations, invoking the God and Goddess: We use chanting and such to get us into the right frame of mind to conduct ritual. Also, inviting the powers that be, (the lord and lady) to help you with your work and to the ritual along with setting out loud your goal towards that ritual. The Witches' Rune is one of the chants we use most commonly in ritual. There are others to be sure. I once found a wonderful poem that I began using as a chant within circle. 3. Incense, herbs, wine, potions, anything that will aid to release the spirit: herbs can be used as incense, and we use incense in ritual to invoke the watchtowers and the Gods, as well as to purify the circle and all the participants. Sage is used, as are many other herbs, we also use granulated or powdered incense. 4.Dancing: We dance and chant to raise a cone of power for whatever the purpose of the ritual happens to be. 5.Trance: Think of it as an altered state of consciousness, much like astral projection, only without leaving the body. This is used in ritual to contact the higher planes, where the guardians reside. The purpose of this is to help you develop your psychic abilities and learn your higher purpose by putting you in touch with your higher or true self. 6. Binding and ligature, use of the cords: knot work is one use of the cords, but they are also used for your initiation to bind you, loosely, for blood control, to achieve an altered state of consciousness. We use the cords to bind the initiate during the initiation. The bindings are tied loosely, yet just tight enough to achieve blood control so that you will attain the higher state of consciousness we just spoke about for the 5th path. Blood control actually aids in the successful achievement of the higher consciousness needed to Astral project. Astral projection is simply the transference of the consciousness to the astral body. 7. Astral Projection 7. the scourge: The scourge is one of the ritual tools, like the Athame, the wand, etc. It's purpose is power and domination, as well as purification, never for punishment. Are you familiar with the Legend of the Descent of the Goddess? In the legend, death uses the scourge on the Goddess after she refuses to yield to his touch. Though this was not out of malice, but out of love. The scourge is used primarily in the initiation ceremony to teach the initiate the concept of Karma, particularly in the Second-degree initiation. 8. The Great Rite: in the great rite there are 2 ways in "cakes and ale" or the actual with 2 people. The wine blessing is symbolic, but we do also use the actual, particularly when a couple who have been together for a while decide to be handfasted, our wedding ceremony. If the Great Rite is done in actuality, only the couple involved is present in the room at the time of consummation. We do not practice orgies, as you would no doubt know 5 keys of successful practice 1. Intention: Know what you want to do beforehand. 2. Preparation: Prepare yourself and the ritual area, as well as the other participants 3.Purification: Purify the circle and all items you will be using for ritual 4.Consecration: All items brought into circle must previously have been consecrated or blessed 5. Invocation: Invoking the guardians and the Gods. The aforementioned, when combined with the 8 paths add more power.


Wiccan Room: Open chat for Wiccans and others with an open mind.
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