CyberSitter Bans ALL Wiccan/Pagan WebSites!!!

The blocked words "pagan", "wiccan" and "witch" came up when trying to access sites like The Witches Voice and Texas Pagan Awareness League with Cybersitter's software installed. The Software also blocks those words when trying to use them in search engines.

Now, let me further explain how this works. This does not mean that every wiccan/pagan site is completely blocked. Those sites containing any reference to wicca, wiccan, pagan, or witch are completely blocked from access, such as:

The Witches.Com

The Witches Voice

The Pagans.Com

The Celtic Connection

Sun Dragon Wicca Page

Pagan Community's Common Ground

Other sites containing any of the keywords mentioned above will either be censored by the software (ie. blocking out the offending words) or you will not be able to view the page at all. All you'll see is an empty white page, or the site won't even open. Mjolnir has also done testing on the software. You may view his findings at:


There are three reasons to be concerned about this: 1.) Unlike Cyber-Patrol who had targeted individual wiccan/pagan websites Cybersitter is targeting ALL wiccan/pagan websites by their use of specific keywords.

2.) The major filtering software companies are known to share lists with each other so if we are banned on one, we very well might end up banned on all.

3.) If legislation is passed requiring schools and libraries to use filtering software, the public in general would not be able to access information about wicca/paganism. Some schools and libraries are already using filtering software. Any of these schools and libraries using Cybersitter have already shut the public off from accessing wiccan/pagan sites without even being aware of it, as Cybersitter keeps its list of blocked sites would have to view the violations log for a list of blocked keywords. Check out the legislation they are trying to get passed. This is a dangerous situation to wiccan/pagans everywhere. We have two major first amendment rights being violated here: Our freedom of speech as well as our freedom of religion. According to Solid Oak's website, this is the criteria they use for blocking sites: "CYBERsitter includes lists that can block literally 1000's of World Wide Web sites that are not suitable for children. Any site that focuses on topics such as adult or sexual issues, illegal activities, bigotry, racism, drugs, or pornography are included in the list."

Please explain to me which category wicca/paganism fall into here? "CYBERsitter's bad site list also includes hundreds of Usenet News Groups that focus on the same types of topics as the above WWW sites.

You can optionally block access to ALL Newsgroups." Which means, folks, that Pagan and Wiccan Newsgroups are also being blocked.

There are several things that can be done about this. The Texas Pagan Awareness League has a page which lists the appropriate e-mail address with which to contact Solid Oak Software Inc. and voice your concern over this the URL is:


I have also been contacted by a group who has been monitoring the Solid Oak situation for over a year. They are considering organizing a peacable demonstration.

Anyone who would like to show support for this idea or who would like more information can e-mail me
You can also download a free trial copy of Cybersitter from:

Solidoak and see for yourself how the product works.

I have created a .gif file that can be displayed on all wiccan/pagan sites or you can use an alternate graphic provided by the great members of Peacefire. You may choose to link the Peacefire graphic to Peacefire rather than linking it to, that is entirely up to you.

Please place one on your website, and link it to:

The Witches

If you do place the logo on your site please e-mail me CyberSitter Ban and let me know.

I'd like to keep a list of all the sites involved in this fight (and hopefully there will come time when the gif is no longer needed, I'd like to be able to contact everyone that has linked and let them know that.) Visit and consider becoming a member of Peacefire an organization that is dedicated to fighting both Internet censorship as well as the filtering software companies. Their URL is Peacefire Help spread the word about Solid Oak's actions. My mailing list is limited and not all wiccans/pagans know about my website.

Please make other wiccans/pagans you know aware of this situation either by forwarding a copy of this or referring them to the urls listed in this e-mail. The more united we are the louder our voices will be.

Let others know how you feel about this issue on our Filtering:
Software Message Board

If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me Asherah. Again, I ask that you please put the words "Solid Oak" in the subject line as I will be setting up a seperate mail folder for this correspondence.

Bright Blessings, Asherah

Click here for latest news on the Ban

These are the people who have shown their support by placing a link from their site to The Witches.Com :

Ami's Page

Andromeda's Magickal Cauldron

Between the Worlds

Bright Blessings

The CommonWealth Pagan

Chantrea's Pagan Page

Copy & Color by J. Lauri

Coven of the Lightning Skies

The Cross-roads

THe DormAnt VolcaNo

Dreamwolf's page

Enchanted Potions by Laurel


The HTML GlitterGoddesses

Indigo's Realm

Jade SilverFox's Wiccan Site

J. Lauri's Other Place

Lady Miranda's Dark Side Gothic Lair

Laurel Eire's Garden

Lucretia's Reflections

LightSpirit's Hovel

Loch Shea Meara Grove


Mjolnir's Pagan and Wiccan Page

Morgan's Magickal Grimoire

New Jersey Pagan Awareness League

New Jersey Pagan Page

Out of the Besom Closet

Out of the Broom Closet

Pagan Alliance of Tidewater/Hampton Roads

Pagan Awareness League

The Pagan Directory Online

Pentacle Pagan 12 Step Recovery

The Playful Pagan

Purle o Light Wicca

Python's Sacred Space

Silver RavenCat's Wicca

Soundcraft by RainWolf

Sutra's Circle


Tammy's Tarot Page

Tetra's Home on the Web

Texas Pagan Awareness Online

The Wastelands Online

Witchy Warrior

Wiccan Room Homepage

Summer Storme's Realm

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